Book Review: iWoz - Computer Geek to Cult Icon

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The title of the book is iWoz and the subtitle is Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It. This is a very good abstract to describe the content of the book J


The book is an autobiography by Steven Wozniak and was written in part to set some ?facts? straight. It handles the life of Steven from his childhood until recent years. Some of the things Steve mentioned in his book contradict other books about the history of Apple, in this case I tend to believe what Steven has written, after all he was there first hand and most of the other writers were not.

I especially like that Steven explained what his reasons were/are to do certain things. For example the concerts he organized and where he lost a load of money were to him very valuable just because he was able to do something that other people enjoyed.

His great engineering skills are of course the center of the book. When he talks about designs and engineering you feel his passion and you are automatically drawn into the story.

Personal thoughts

I think this book will be liked by anybody that has an interest in engineering. At certain points Steve details how he was first to do something (e.g. add a keyboard and screen to a computer) and to some people this might come off as bragging. I think Steve just meant to note that indeed he was (to his knowledge) the first person to think about such things and put them into practice.

His style of writing is very simple, this is not a book meant to win prizes in literature but it just wants to get across the life story of Steve, I liked this a lot since you can feel Steve spend a lot of time writing (or co-writing) this book.

I liked the book a lot and would recommend it to everyone that likes technology and needs a bit of inspiration to get out of the sofa and start doing something.

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