KVIV 2013 - Behavior Driven Testing with Cucumber demystified

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I presented an updated version of my talk on Behavior Driver Development (BDD) and Behavior Driven Testing (BDT) using Cucumber for the 'Royal Flemish Society of Engineers'

The slide deck in pdf format can be found on my employers website. You can download the file by clicking the 'Behavior Driven Testing with Cucumber demystified' link on that page.

The updates were done based on feedback I got from the Belgian Testing Days audience and my new co-workers.

This slide deck starts with a focus on what problems the behavior driven testing tries to solve, this should make it easier for people that are not up to speed with BDD. I also went deeper into detail on the outside-in aspect since many people did not grasp that concept from the definition of BDD.

At the end I did a demo using Cucumber, Capybara and Selenium. I think I downloaded that from this guy's GitHub and then changed it somewhat to make it more understandable.


I changed the 'googleDemo' feature file to make it according to the content of my talk and used only that feature file for the demo:

Feature: Search goolge for cucumber info
In order to learn about cucumber
As a internet user
I want to find the cukes.info website
Scenario: Search Google
When I search Google for "cucumber"
Then there should be a result for "cukes2.info/"


The demo uses Ruby 1.9.3 since the Cucumber - Capybara - Selenium stack does not yet work in Ruby 2.0.

These are the installation steps:

1. download Ruby 1.9.x (NOT 2.x)

2. install Ruby

3. download dev ket for the 1.9.x version

4. install devkit (https://github.com/oneclick/rubyinstaller/wiki/Development-Kit)

5. install cucumber gem (gem install cucumber)

6. install spec gem (gem install rspec)

7. install capybara gem (gem install capybara)

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